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I’ve roamed this world searching for an answer, trying to find the truth they are hiding from us, the politicians puke corruption and cancer, that’s why I am now ''set to revolt'' !!!
Danny deVil

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Villa BarRock Ludwigsburg
Shaman of Metropolis
Sa 02 November 20:00


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SET TO REVOLT play a powerful, dynamic and versatile form of Heavy Rock. Uptempo riffs with powerful vocals follow passionate radio hooks. In their music the band from
Stuttgart describes the inner restlessness, the need for change and the dissatisfaction in everybody, that ́s only waiting to be released. Topics like life and death, love and hate and political discussions have a great impact on their lyrics and music.

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🍻 Finally the time has come! Today our EP "Seeds of Evil" appears in all stores worldwide! We are very pleased! Listen, like, share, hit the keys and send us a comment. But help us to make the music great! Support local music! 🤘……
Cheers and stay Set to Revolt!