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Invade, conquer, defeat, take over, annihilate, kill them all!

Since its inception, the appearance of the world, beginning with homo sapiens and continuing with the other barbarian tribes, when the fear to survive was followed by a desire to invade, to conquer, to get the hands of power, to rule and prevail… everything was changed.

Many empires were born from their own ashes and died from another sword or were shattered by their own kings and queens. The ambition to prevail, to have everything, to make the other people slaves has grown from day to day giving birth to tyranny and tyrants, false prophets, lie and deceit, anger and hate, bigotry and hatred towards your own people or skin colour.

After 7000 years we still have the same issues from the beginning, we only build and developed the modern world. The will of power and control is still there, sometimes masked by the false policy of restoring or bringing peace on earth and among other people.

We, the new society, the modern slaves, followed everywhere by digitally blueprints, controlled by banks, money, computers, smartphones, drones and cameras or implanted chips, forced by society to go to work for small income to be able to pay some mortgage for a home or a car loan, to have something to eat and drink, to have some fun in our lives.

The new invasion is now all-around the new battle is now, besides religious and spiritual war, the cybernetic information war. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, they are everywhere and they are coming for us.
They will invade…


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🍻 Finally the time has come! Today our EP "Seeds of Evil" appears in all stores worldwide! We are very pleased! Listen, like, share, hit the keys and send us a comment. But help us to make the music great! Support local music! 🤘……
Cheers and stay Set to Revolt!
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Album concept:

Choose life. Choose the evolution. Choose to live.

If you want to change something, begin with yourself, start the revolution in your head, learn, evolve, think free. We are not the first ones or the only ones who are saying this or thinking in this direction. Our life is ruled by two native instincts: love and hate, divided by the same constant: time.

This world is made of gods and insects. A society ruled by fear and lies with people who are too blind and too naive to thing that they are really free. The freedom was and remain still a luxury we can’t afford. We are told what to think, what to wear, what to eat, what to read, what to watch, what to believe even what to dream of.

Money is now the key to our soul, we can buy everything; what we cannot buy, we destroy…we kill. We have killed love and hope.

In our spirituality faith we are divided by many religions ruled by many fake prophets, tyrants and dictators. People who claim themselves gods or superiors but they are just sick minded people with filthy habits. A world in there the technology evolves versatile in all directions very fast, but we are still dragged down by religions, fake mass ideologies and sadistic tyrants. A world that’s destroying itself every day. People who do not have mutual respect anymore, hating each other, hunting and killing each other for money or territories. People who are tearing this world apart in the name of nothing. But some of us don’t want to follow this path anymore. We have chosen to live, to fight, to love and to hope that someday we will be really free…because we all are the same. We are humans.

And still, on the other side we find the other peoples, the true visionary who believe in evolution, future, respect, in the other people: in life.

Many people were unable to find love or didn’t known love. Those who have known love but for some reason have lost it, crave desperately for it, but they don’t have the strength to fight to regain like before. This is where the hate intervenes. Because between love and hate is just one small step. You don’t know how to hate if you haven’t loved before and vice versa. There is no good without evil. It is like black and white, with just a thin invisible line between. People can kill for passion, and some of them have already done it.

We cannot have peace without a battle and sometimes a war is necessary in order to bring and establish the peace. This battle it can happen inside us or outside us. It’s a necessarily evil. It’s like the the silence before and after a big storm. Without chaos there would be no life. It must be happened. Can you handle it? Are you ready to start?


[...] On this album, they are offering both powerful and dynamic sound, but also

dramatic and passionate, developing their own kind of modern rock [...]

Breath Fresher 07/16


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